Friday: 23rd August, 2019

Reference text: Ruth 1:1,3-6,14-16,22

Ruth 1:15 Look,” said Naomi, “your sister-in-law is going back to her people and her gods. Go back with her.”

While driving today, I realised that the cars just in front of me kept turning into junctions along the route as we drove along. This, although normal, happened about four times in a short space of time and at a point I was getting frustrated. Not because of the turns, but some drivers left their indicators off till the very last minute and others moved at a pace much slower than regular traffic. Consequently, I had to stay alert and the slow drive meant I arrived late for a scheduled appointment.

While thinking about this, something crossed my mind-

‘Even though their actions influenced mine, it did not prompt me to follow them along as they turned, I stayed on course towards my destination’.

I found the experience rather relatable in some way to the story of Ruth. Following the death of her husband and Naomi’s decision to return home, Orpah DECIDED to also return to her people. Naomi therefore SUGGESTED to Ruth to do the same; but she had a PRE-DETERMINED goal.

While I remain a big advocate for working to keep all variables under a reasonable degree of control, some will remain outside our control but still exert some influence on us. But those should be seen just as they are ‘as influencers’, not the ultimate determinants of the outcome.

I am hammering on this because often we attribute too much credit and blame to the things that influence what we do and forget what the ultimate goal even is. My dear, we can very easily pitch the reasons for our inability to reach targets on the actions and choices others have made, but that should not be the case. We may be influenced in some way, but we need to be able to see beyond and grow past them towards our end goals.


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