Wednesday: 14th August, 2019

Reference text: Matthew 18:15-20

Matthew 18:17 If they still refuse to listen, tell it to the church; and if they refuse to listen even to the church, treat them as you would a pagan or a tax collector.

In today’s text, some very blunt words are spoken and they can be summarised thus: ‘if you make multiple attempts to reconcile with someone who refuses to listen even to the church, then treat them as a pagan’. While we could say it’s a bit harsh and somewhat strange coming from Jesus who encourages and often offered another chance. Yet, those words are spoken because they are deemed appropriate not to sound pleasant.

For anyone who understands the role of reconciliation in Christianity, it is a no-brainer. There should be no excuse to ignore it nor should it even be up for debate because without it, there would never have been ‘us’ when God is mentioned. It is what accounts for the absence of any ‘bad blood’ between God and us.

Sweetheart, reconciliation is a basis for our belief, it is a bedrock for our Christian living; it is the reason God no longer refers to us just as ‘his people’, but as His children and we in turn can call Him our Father. So if there is any reason you are fuming at God: probably because He said No when you wanted a Yes or He closed a door when you needed it open, it’s time to be reconciled because that was all done in your interest.

He is not angry with you in spite of the many times you have fallen by the way side, so run quickly to reconcile with Him because God remains the last person you want to be without. He is always ready so you draw near


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