Sunday: 11th August, 2019

No matter how swift, light and sharp one can be on their feet, on your knees, those abilities are immensely affected. As examples, you lose the abilities to turn around more swiftly, jump and even the opportunity to see farther to make reasonable judgements or adjustments. In other words, to get on one’s knees from a standing position suggests that defences and offences are reduced by significant proportions.

To bend our knees means to bend our strength because a man on his knees can hardly defend himself. Yet, before God, the believer is encouraged to be unafraid to bend the knee for that is symbolic of our dependence and trust in His divine providence.

Amongst the many quotes on kneeling I recall, these came to mind today:

“When life gets too hard to stand, kneel – for the person who kneels before God, can stand before anyone.”

Yet, in kneeling before God, whether in supplication or in worship; we ought not do so as though our intention is just to announce to God that we remember Him.

We kneel because we believe we can depend on Him.

Nonetheless, while we need to spend time kneeling before God, we also should be prepared to walk with Him for the longer we stay on our knees, the better positioned we will be to walk with Him.


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