Thursday: 25th July, 2019

Reference text: Matthew 20:20-28

Matthew 20:27 And if you want to be first of all, make yourself servant of all

Leaders who move through the ranks, from the grassroots to the very top job, often seem to have a very firm backing in terms of support. This is usually because along their ascent, they interact and relate to the people around them and whom the lead in a manner that accords them the title ‘ONE OF US’.

It does not make a lot of sense that being first is intrinsically associated with servant-hood. Yet, it is worth noting that the duties of a servant involve not just doing what everybody else turns away from, but even more importantly, doing them without expecting payment in return because your duty requires it.

Beloved, the words in today’s text encourage us to ‘make ourselves servants’, but that seems like a big ask seeing that many no longer appear ready to serve these days. We are either too big to do so or just couldn’t be bothered. Service is now deemed too demanding and just not worth our efforts. In that regard, the words of Jesus really mean little to us, and his example, very much the same.

But what a loss it will be for all if we lost our desire and ability to serve. Just remember that

‘To go up and stay up, you need to be able to serve’.


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