Wednesday: 17th July, 2019

Reference text: Exodus 3:1-6,9-12

Exodus 3:3 Then Moses told himself, “I’ll go over and see this remarkable sight. Why isn’t the bush burning up?”

“While curiosity may only be a seed, it requires action to make it fruitful”.

Whether there were plots made behind the scenes or nudges that influenced his choice, one thing is undisputable: the decision to go and investigate the case of the burning bush was one made by Moses himself. He had neither heard voices nor received any instructions to do so, but his actions which seemed to be those of a man with a heightened sense of curiosity, ultimately resulted in being given the task of leading Israel out of Egypt.

You could say he landed a big contract,
So here’s what is inferable: ‘Your desire to work towards understanding the things you don’t, will often bring you in contact with great opportunities’. These opportunities are not only spiritual in nature, but include many others that pertain to other aspects of life such as a chance to gain a wealth of knowledge, learn to build stronger relationships and establish broader networks.

My dear, ‘curiosity’ often sends us on a treasure hunt, a hunt towards searching and seeking to understand better, to appreciate more and to know more. It aims to enable us to say ‘I am better today than I was yesterday, and will be better tomorrow than today’. This is achievable with a willingness to work on knowing new things and filling in the gaps in our knowledge. But do remember that ‘not every subject matter invites your curiosity’


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