Wednesday: 10th July, 2019

Reference text: Psalm 33

Psalms 33:12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.

While in primary school, soccer time during breaks were always fun times especially due to the criteria and process used in choosing teams. Two main methods were adopted: in the first, two captains alternately selected their players one at a time from the bunch with a caveat that ‘no one could refuse to join a team once called out’. In the second, there was just a single file of players who moved in opposite directions until each player was allocated.

While both methods have a degree of randomness, there are clearly inherent biases. The latter in particular is often characterised by strategic positioning to fall into a specific one of the two teams, and captains also chose ‘better players first’. Intentions are thus clear from the onset: ‘as a captain, choose a team capable of winning or as a player, attempt to get on a team that has the best chance of winning the match.’

Wondering why this trip down memory lane? It is just to lay some emphasis on the words of the Psalmist today: the nation whose God is the Lord and have been chosen, are called blessed. In other words, the people who manage to get into or called into God’s team have struck real gold, they have clearly put themselves in a good place.

By virtue of their choice, they jump unto a winning train- one that guarantees nothing but victories. Therefore, if God is your Lord, then you have really struck gold- you have become the envy of nations and a blessed person at that. Sweetheart, that is a great place to be.


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