Sunday: 7th July, 2019

Reference text: Luke 10:1-12, 17-20

Luke 10:7 Stay in that same house, eating and drinking whatever they offer you, for workers should be given their pay. Don’t move around from one house to another.

Two reasons that often lead to the dismissal of a football team’s manager, barring any political gimmick are:
1. The absence of good results to show for performances and
2. a definite lack of stability and consistency over any period of time.

The message that Jesus delivers to these 72 before sending them off contains many broad themes, one of which is highlighted in the statement: ‘Do not move from house to house’. As much as the meaning of those words are fairly obvious, on an even bigger scale, there is a lot more practicality to them for us to see.

By using those words, Jesus sought to say ‘you need a reference point from which to move forward, a place to fall back to, so do your best to gain some stability’. Many are so easily swayed by all winds of change that they frequently jump ship at the least sniff of any opportunity. In their careers, relationships and general living- there is no form of stability or consistency.

For some, there is an unwritten convention to never stay in any job or relationship for more than a set period of time, with the apparent intention of amassing as much experience as possible in as many areas as they deem fit. That, my dear, can set you on a very uneven path. One cannot keep changing positions with every wind that blows by because although they may signal a call to initiate an alternative positive change in attitude or lifestyle, not every breeze is a signal to change position.

So, do not disregard the need for some stability and consistency in all aspects of your living because it is sometimes a key trait of the believer. Don’t just keep jumping around, gain a firm grounding.


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