Tuesday: 18th June, 2019

Reference text: Matthew 5:43-48

Matthew 5:33,34 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your friends, hate your enemies.’ But now I tell you: love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,

One reason for providing feedback about hospitality services like hotels or restaurants is to ensure that our positive experiences are shared by others and any bad ones, avoided. This is almost an innate response because whenever we have specific experiences with particular people, places or things, there is a tendency to expect that everyone else could experience the same things. That is, however, often not the case with each experience being unique in its own right.

Jesus speaks today in a way that communicated a past and hinted at a new present. After acknowledging what has been said, He continues with “But now I say to you”. Therefore, the very fact that there may have been specific outcomes prior, initial experiences or pre-defined rules, in no way did they prevent Him from laying down new markers.

My dear, society will always have something to say about everything because it claims to have experience – experience of how everyone has tried and failed, experience of how impossible change is and offer suggestions to just follow because things have always been done in a certain way. However, what society often fails to add is that there is always an opportunity to carve out unique paths and not just follow what has always been said or done.

Beloved, rules can be rewritten, focus can be readjusted and outcomes can be different, so don’t be afraid to simply not ‘just tow the line’. Unless for the Word of God, from which every promise made and glorious outcome can still be claimed by us, we are not tied to experience the same outcomes as those ahead of us because we have the potential to do things differently – that is the reality we ought to be pushing forward.


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