Tuesday: 11th June, 2019

Reference text: Acts 11:21-26,13:1-3

Acts 11:23 When Barnabas got there and saw how God had blessed them with undeserved grace, he was very glad. So he exhorted them to remain faithful to the Lord with all their hearts.

When news of great progress made by the believers in Antioch reached the Church in Jerusalem, the Church sent Barnabas to them. It will be pretty clear that he was sent with a message for the people which he was obliged to deliver. While this may appear an easy job because of the calibre of the messenger, there are many dimensions that makes a task like this really challenging.

One which particularly came to mind was the feeling of “just jumping in to share in the fruitfulness of others when we have played no direct part in their process of achieving”. This happens with many, if not all of us, as we do all we can to find justification and to identify genuine reasons to celebrate with others.

In our attempt to do so however, we could unintentionally become nit-pickers and fault finders. Not that it is the intention, but when we go all out in our quest for a justification to join in the joys and achievements of others, the one way in may be to find some fault or propose a better way.

Beloved, Barnabas had only one reason to rejoice: ‘because God had been good and gracious to the church’. That was it. So my question to you today is this: What other reason do you need to join in the joys of others?


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