Sunday: 9th June, 2019

You know the feeling you get when you listen to some music and hear amazing lyrics that get you nodding and saying ‘this is deep’, that was me at Mass today. A couple of things I heard, had me nodding and thinking:

1. The church is not God, the church is the people of God.
2. The church is not Jesus, it is the body of Christ. He is the Head.
3. The Church is not a row boat, navigated by the skill and strength of the people, it is a sailing ship set on course by the wind of the Holy Spirit.

The third statement in particular hit me hard because it reflects majority of our own individual situations – ‘our can do attitude’, albeit expressed in the form of “I can do it all by myself, you watch”. Sweetheart, how long do you believe you can continuously row a boat for? Regardless of your determination and resolve, your best bet might be a couple of hours before your tank of energy runs empty. On a sail with wind however, that duration could be limitless.

So today, just take a moment to ponder on how you are moving through the waters of life: Do you find yourself desperately trying to row your way across or do you allow the wind of the Holy Spirit to move you along? That is a food for thought.

Today as we celebrate Pentecost, let our prayer be ‘Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and enkindle in us the fire of your love’.


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