Thursday: 30th May, 2019

Reference text: John 16:16-20

John 16:17 At this point, some of his disciples asked each other, “What does he mean by telling us, ‘In a little while you will no longer see me, then in a little while you will see me again,’ and, ‘because I am going to the Father’?”

Just as a doctor is not the first name that comes to mind when one wants information about rocks, a geologist is not the first point of call when someone has concerns about their clinical symptoms. Simply, answers to some situations are most likely found with specific people and the one way to become sharers in this knowledge is to ask them for answers.

While we can give excuses like the disciples probably wanted to figure things out by themselves through brainstorming, it was evident that Jesus’ words had left them baffled. Yet, they didn’t really attempt to get any clarification from Him, the one person with answers to their questions. In fact, the reality was it was his words that triggered this confusion. We can, therefore, infer that their approach to the situation could have been much better.

While we can exclude the moments when we are able to tell that there is something going on with our loved ones owing to our knowledge of them, we are not mind readers. However, sometimes, we assume others as mind- readers who need to be successful in searching our minds to know the very questions that trouble us.

Beloved, asking questions is a good way to get answers, so if you are unhappy or unsure about anything; talk it out with someone who has some answers. Don’t leave others to figure out what is going on with you on their own because for all you know, they may not have realised anything different happening .

Remember # Ask questions and seek clarification, don’t walk around confused.


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