Monday: 27th May, 2019

Reference text: Acts 16:11-15

Acts 16:13 On the Sabbath we went out of the city to the riverside, where we thought there would be a place where Jews gathered for prayer. We sat down and talked to the women who gathered there.

There is this story about a man who ‘apparently’ fainted in front of a restaurant. After a brief duration of passing out, he arose to the increasing noise around him suggesting he should be sent to the nearest hospital. His response caught everyone by surprise: ‘if I wanted to be in hospital, I would have fainted in front of one’.

By saying this, he suggested that his needs could be met by the facility in front of which he had fainted because he was clearly hungry. We might think his plan a shallow plot, yet it had ‘purposeful movement’ written all over it. He moved to place himself at a location that had the resources to meet his current needs. In a like manner, the Apostles moved outside the city gates with a specific purpose in mind ‘to find a place where the Jews were almost certain to gather for prayer. And there, they found help.

Often, we just want to get moving without purpose, like shopping without a list- you never know when you’ re done. It is true that there are moments when we jump in faith, but faith is never purposeless -it is the assurance of things hoped for. There is a purpose. Many sometimes set off with no destination in mind, no goal they wish to achieve. Sweetheart, you may not have a grande agenda right now, but there are clearly short term targets you can work on.

The bottom line is, don’t move without expectation and don’t move without purpose. With every purposeful motion, even though you may not completely attain your end goal, you take one step towards it and that is how you reach the end.


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