Friday: 10th May, 2019

Reference text: Acts 9:1-20

Acts 9:2 and asked for letters to the leaders of the synagogues in Damascus. He did this because he wanted to arrest and take to Jerusalem any man or woman who had accepted the Lord’s Way.

Some football pundits are of the view that certain kind of attacking players need ‘freedom’ to express themselves. To push this word to the extreme, does it suggest the permission to take up any positions they wish on the field of play? Do as they please? Or is it just the freedom to play to the best of their own ability?

That word ‘freedom’ will ultimately fall under another umbrella ‘the manager’s authorization’. Thus, while a manager will appreciate moments of brilliance and ingenuity [doing whatever you want to do], if the passion and zeal to express oneself is exhibited in a manner that leads to a breakdown of team chemistry and tactics, that would not be tolerated.

With Saul today, we see a man eager to
bring all believers to ‘justice’. Nonetheless, in spite of his great passion and zeal, he could not act on his own accord until he had received authorisation. To put it in other terms, zeal was just not enough to do what he wanted to.

I am certain there are somethings we are passionate about, really want to be involved in or things we really want to do. However, for many of these, we need to be authorised to. So even if it seems like a restraint, sometimes one needs to wait for permission to act. Regardless, let us thread carefully making sure not to lose our sense of initiative in the name of awaiting authorisation.


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