Sunday: 5th May, 2019

Reference text: John 21:1-19

John 21:11 Simon Peter went aboard and dragged the net ashore full of big fish, a hundred and fifty-three in all; even though there were so many, still the net did not tear.

In what you could refer to as ‘action and outcome’, we have reached that point in time where we associate specific events with preset consequences. Hence, known outcomes are what is expected. While some of those outcomes may be set in stone, others often defy the norm and today’s Gospel presents one of such events.

It is not difficult to imagine the nature of the catch described because while a catch may be so small that a fisherman can haul their net over their shoulders and walk to shore, Peter had to drag his net ashore. It seemed the expectation of the author of this Gospel had an experience which suggested that the strength of the net should in no way be able to sustain the amount of fish in it without being ripped apart. Thus the words ‘yet, the net did not tear’.

My dear, if you are a net, then the message to you is that you are fortified to carry all that God has given you without being torn apart. You are a vessel designed to carry all the Gs of God: His goodness, His guidance, His glory and His grace. Your net also has the potential to withstand the trials that come your way and the tough moments you face in life.

Sweetheart, God has stress tested you and deemed you fit to bear what he has given. In fact, He has promised that the only things that will come your way are those that you are able to bear, the kind common to humanity (1 Cor 10:13)You have been given the strength to endure and to walk to shore with your net containing all of your catch without tearing. So keep walking.


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