Wednesday, 17th April, 2019

Anyone who owns a metal necklace with a chain composed of a series of interlocking rings can attest to the difficulty experienced even when the single chain gets tangled up. Today, I attempted work on one which had two chains and it proved to be quite a challenge.

Therefore, regardless of opinions, every experience presents a platform for learning when steps are taken to do so. Thus, from this event, there were multiple points for learning and some thoughts that crossed my mind in the process. These, I share with you.

Lesson 1: “When people become bold enough to ask for help, it is often because they need it.”
For many, the confidence to reach out, is often an indication that the help is really needed. Many people always first attempt to solve the situations they face by themselves and only choose to reach out when they sense they are near breaking point. Help when able to or point them to someone who is able to.

Lesson 2: “You do not always have to have an answer to every problem and not every load carried by others, has to become yours”.
Don’t get this wrong, but the reality is sometimes, we try too hard to bear all the troubles and issues others carry.
After multiple unsuccessful attempts, we took a break from the untangling and passed it on to another person to have a go. The believer is a well of resources and a problem solver, but no one has the capacity to provide solutions to every single one of life’s problems. So do not operate under a truckload of undue burden and pressure.

Lesson 3: it is your decision how you choose to hear.
Not only will we be encouraged by some, we will also be discouraged by others. Life always seems to present something of a mixed bag so it becomes our responsibility what we filter out and what we let in. Although you may have heard others question why you have not let go and given up, keep on untangling because there is a burst of joy that follows every success story.


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