Saturday: 6th April, 2019

Reference text: John 7:42-53

John 7:48-49 Can you find one leader or educated Pharisee who believes this man? Of course not. This crowd is plagued by ignorance about the teachings of the law; that is why they will listen to Him. That is also why they are under God’s curse.

I recall a story in high school about a soldier who was deployed on a mission ignorant of the fact that his wife was pregnant before his departure. He returned after 20 years to see his now older wife happily dancing in the arms of a younger man. In his anger, he shot and killed this man only to find out afterwards that that the young man was his own son.

Many times, by only keeping our eyes transfixed on the obvious, we miss the hidden picture – the bigger story and the extraordinary. The pharisees had their eyes on ‘the law’; which was the only obvious hard evidence available. Hence, in their scope of thinking, only the ignorant would dare to believe in Jesus. Therefore, they referred to anyone with the slightest alignment towards his teachings as ‘cursed and ignorant’.

The truth for me is this, if anyone has the courtesy to call us ignorant because we believe in the Lord Jesus as Lord and Saviour, then Hurray. Because unlike in those days, there is now a larger body of evidence and not just the law to sustain our faith in the risen Christ. We possess a strong conviction in our heart, the testimony of what we have seen and heard, the experiential moments of the hand of someone mighty at work in our lives.

My dear, when it comes down to faith or belief, the obvious is not all there is. There exists a hidden dimension that requires one to be ready to throw away some form of reasoning and just jump into the boat. For the believer, this is not just a giant leap into an abyss; but a gentle step into the arms of a loving father and friend.

Remember # Choosing to believe does not make you accursed, it only pushes you into the arms of true love.


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