Tuesday: 26th February, 2019

Reference text: Sirach 2:1-11

Today, I share with you some of the words of Sirach, one of the deuterocanonical books. In the verses that follow, we see an image upon which Jesus expounded to His disciples when He mentioned the hard times that would come their way since they had made the conscious choice to follow Him (John16:33). Along with that, there was the promise that in spite of all the trials faced, they could be assured of his eternal presence. He even added that those who clung on to Him till the very end, will receive a fitting reward.

‘My child, if you come to serve the Lord, prepare yourself for testing. Set your heart straight, be steadfast, and don’t act hastily in a time of distress. Hold fast to God and don’t keep your distance from him, so that you may find strength at your end. Because gold is tested with fire, and acceptable people are tested in the furnace of humiliation.

Trust him, have confidence in Him and He will take care of you; make your ways straight, and hope in him. You who fear the Lord, wait for his mercy, and don’t turn aside or else you might fall. You who fear the Lord, trust him, and you won’t lose your reward.'(Sirach 2:1-3,5-8 )

Every now and then, we seem to develop a natural formatting of our minds towards forgetting the full expectations of what being a Christian entails. Thus, every now and then, we are brought back to earth and reminded of those realities. The intention is not to instill fear or make us worry, but to invite us to have hope during adversity, praise amidst trials and hold on to God during testing. Besides, who has called upon the Lord and not being heard? Who has ever trusted in the Lord and ended up lost?


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