Sunday: 24th February, 2019

Reference text: 1 Samuel 26:2,-23

1 Samuel 26:8 Abishai said to David, “God has put your enemy in your power tonight. Now let me plunge his own spear through him and pin him to the ground with just one blow-I won’t have to strike twice!”

Often, the best way to get from one point to another is not to find work- arounds or alternative routes, it is just to eliminate the obstacles that stand in our way: smash through, tear down or break apart. Those options are applicable to material obstacles, but what then do we do if the obstacles are other people? Do we take the plan Abishai proposed to David – eliminate them, or follow the choice David made, ‘take their spears and water jug?

‘Sparing the life an enemy’ is often seen as a wrong decision because they will often come back to haunt us, forgetting that at one point we spared them. However, some of those we refer to as enemies, need not necessarily be eliminated. Like the wheat and weeds, even sometimes it seems permission is granted from on high for us to co-exist for good reasons.

When one is aware that ‘enemies’ are around, they are kept on their toes and do not make hasty or rush decisions. The choices made in such environments are usually well thought of and calculated. We attempt to make the most of the resources available to us and to rise above the challenges we face so ‘our enemies’ know we are not intimidated by them.

While an alternative word may be sought for and used, ‘enemies’ as we call them, are needed sometimes. They need to stick around, not because by doing so they will identify more avenues to do us harm (even 3000 men could not find David), but because they have to become witnesses of how good God is to us.


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