Saturday: 16th February, 2019

Reference text : Genesis 3:9-24

Genesis 3:9 And the LORD God called unto Adam, and said unto him, Where art thou?

Usually, when a person commits an offence and goes into hiding, when their seekers get into a location within which they are likely to be heard, the question goes ‘where are you?’ This is often asked with so much anger and malice that it prompts those hiding, to hide even further.

However, by applying the features of sound which are evident in voice, namely tone and pitch, sound can be appropriately modulated to create a variety of emotions and intentions. Thus, that very question can be made to sound like another when an alternative pitch is applied. I can picture the scene as God shows up in Eden, unable to find Adam and Eve hence asks: ‘Where are you?’

This time round, not in the expected tone of anger, but of genuine concern of the choices they had made and what it meant. Therefore, while the man and woman had set their minds on hiding beneath the waves, burrowing deeper into the ground and covering themselves with multilayers of apparel just to avoid God’s gaze, He comes around to ask where they were.

Even today, God still does this. Like a father, He comes looking for his own even in the murkiest of waters with concern that remain ever true. Even when they had to bear the consequences of their choices, God was on hand to facilitate this transition and had already set a plan in motion to restore them. Sweetheart, when God asks where you are, it is out of real concern for you, so don’t keep hiding.


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