Sunday, 3rd February, 2019

Reference text: Jeremiah 1

“My dear child, I have to tell you something about yourself, not that I have hidden it from you, but it is something that will carry you through many things if you understand it. Hence, these words to you.

You may not know, but before your conception, I knew your name and before your birth, I consecrated you; I set you apart. I know why I made you, I know what I made you and I know who I ordained you to be. In spite of telling you all this, do you know that you can still live far below all the riches and heights I have purposed for you? Do you realise that because I have assured you of your unique status and identity, is not a guarantee that you will become if you do nothing?

You are probably holding on literally to my words spoken to you, in that regard Well done! But I have some more to say: instead of sitting idle, arms crossed and starring into the abyss, isn’t it about time you girded up your loins and arose? Why do you wait when I have already set the course before you? Why do you tarry when I want you to march on?

My child, I speak to you in this manner because I desire your good. I want you to live out my best for you, within the vastness of all that I have purposed for your life. For that, I encourage you not to be satisfied with mediocrity, but to be prepared to gird up your loins, ready for action. Understand these words and you will begin to do exploits.

For now, I end with these words: regardless of what the world says, you are mine and know that I have loved you with an everlasting love. ”

From your father who loves you.

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