Tuesday: 8th January, 2018

Reference text: 1 John 4:7-10

1 John 4:8 He that loveth not, does not know God; for God is love.

Harsh truths are meant to be exactly that, harsh! So we should not be surprised by the bluntness in today’s text from the first letter of John: ‘if you don’t love, you don’t know God; for God is love’. This also presents a summary of the relationship between God and love such that within the context of a few lines, we see a complete story.

First, LOVE IS OF GOD. Many consider love as an abstract idea or emotion hence, it is classified in English language as an ‘abstract noun’. However, what we read today suggests anything but that. We are presented with the reality that love is not a creation of man, nor is it a concept that proceeded from man’s utter boredom. Instead, it proceeds from the heartbeat of God himself.

Secondly, GOD IS LOVE. Yes, Even though Love may be associated with the heart or mind, Love is also a person called God. Because in God, we see love at its best. A love that is ready to sacrifice and accept – a love that opens its arms to give without expecting anything in return: that is the identity of our God. Love has an identity, that is why it can be seen.

Finally, GOD LOVES US. In a more personalised sense, you can close your eyes and witness first hand how it feels to say softly to yourself ” GOD LOVES ME”, because that is the truth. He loves all of you, all about you and is ready to go the long way with you if that is what it takes to win you over. We can claim some love for Him only because He first loved us- in spite of our brokenness and nothingness, He chooses to embrace us just as we are.

Beloved, His love is real and much further, wider and deeper than you can fathom. Even more good news is because He loves you, He is for you and that is something to look forward to.

Remember # His love is relentless and it will pursue you till you are overtaken.


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