Monday: 7th January, 2019

Sometime ago, while reading a blog post from a friend of mine, one thing that impressed on me was the idea of not having any arrears to carry into the new year. This, I did not read much meaning into until today when it just hit me ‘one can hardly look forward when there is a chunk of things left to do’.

This new year does come with it many resolutions and plans that ought to be pursued, but Sweetheart, have you cleared any arrears? Have you imagined why your goals from the year before remained unfulfilled? Have you thought about how the backlog of ‘To Dos’ from the previous year will impact on your desire to march forward this year?

So if you have any unfinished projects, make plans to complete them. Any attitudes and habits you were unable to change, pursue that change earlier in the new year. Do you have any financial debt to clear up, begin making practical plans to have it cleared because that savings goal you desire, will be irrelevant if you have debt piled up from the previous year.

Beloved, forward movement will almost always be inhibited if there is a backlog of issues to deal with. So clear your arrears from the previous year, so you have a much lighter weight to work with.

Remember# Don’t build up any more backlog or ignore those already built up in pursuit of progress.


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