Monday: 24th December, 2018

Reference text: 2 Samuel 7:1-5,8-12

2 Samuel 7:3 And Nathan said to the king, Go, do all that is in thine heart; for the LORD is with thee.

When one is given instructions that come from an authentic source, it is difficult to doubt its veracity. Therefore, when Nathan spoke to David using the words ‘the Lord is with you’, that was all the permission he needed to push on with his plans to build a house for God. In addition, those words came from Nathan- a recognised prophet of God whose words could be trusted. But we see God having clearly different plans to what David thought.

So how do we describe Nathan? A prophet who didn’t know the mind of God or a prophet who thought he knew the mind of God? David had a good plan, a good idea- but that was not the mind of God. This may seem a bit strange to some, but the core of today’s message is this: a good plan does not mean God’s plan.

We may actually have a good idea, be in a good relationship and have a good intention, but all that may actually sit outside the will of God, a complete divergence. It is a harsh truth, but our intentions and the plans of God for our lives have to be in agreement. The ‘Lord is with you’, must mean exactly that: His presence, plans, purposes must be in alignment with ours. That is the only way things will work best.

Remember # the best way to waste resources, is to use them on what you haven’t been asked to.


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