Saturday: 15th December, 2018

Today, I would like to share snippets of some of the many messages I have read over the course of the year. It is my prayer that a few minutes pause to ponder on them will speak to your heart:

1. The greatest sense of false security a believer can have is the belief that they can face every temptation head-on, and emerge unscathed.

2. Never rejoice that you are a man or woman of faith until you have gone through the tunnel of darkness where disappointment and failure stare at you with piercing eyes and in spite of a broken heart, you are able to trust in God.

3. Anytime we are physically weak, it becomes difficult to fight even our spiritual battles.

4. God is not for sale to the highest bidder nor can we earn His favor by our own effort or works.

5. We may be in leadership positions but we are also here to grow, so enjoy the growth process. Don’t lose your vision and don’t be caught up in other things. If your walk is right, you will not feel the burden of the load. It’s not so much about the platform, it’s about what God wants to do.

6. The fact that a ladder is used on the ground to bridge a gap, does not mean its function ceases to be for vertical upward climbing.

7. Loneliness is not the absence of people, it is the absence of Purpose. When you find the right purpose, right people come along. God will ensure that.

8 . Maturity is when your life begins to align with the expectations of the word of God for you.

Beloved, let us allow God to edit the Bibles of our lives such that even the blind can read our lives.

God bless you.


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