Tuesday: 11th December, 2018

Reference text : Isaiah 40:1-1,

Isaiah 40:5 And the glory of the LORD shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together: for the mouth of the LORD hath spoken it.

There is an old story about a young shepherd who played jokes with the people in his village with multiple false alarms that wolves were attacking his sheep. Such was the situation that on the day when there was actually an attack, his plea for help was taken as he had portrayed it all those years: a joke.

Isaiah makes a profound statement today : ‘all will see for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it’. So our question, what is it about the mouth of God that the auxiliary verbs accompanying his words, ‘shall and will’, signifying certainty and assurance are used? One thing we do know however, is that when the mouth of God speaks, things must happen and the reason is simple: ‘every word of His can be hung on to’

Now let’s consider ourselves: what happens when we do the talking? Do others listen? Even better, do they even have a reason to listen? My dear, what gives the voice of God and the words out of his mouth so much weight that they can be taken line, hook and sinker is this one trait: ‘God is true to what He says’.

Through time, He has preserved his status as a credible God, one who has remained unchanged. When a person loses their credibility, many of the things they say, are taken with a pinch of salt. No one accords any weight to the words that proceed out of their mouths, however credible they sound because their words can no longer be trusted. It is my prayer that we become people whose words carry weight, whenever and where ever we speak.

Remember # stay credible because from the moment trust goes out the door, many other things follow.


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