Saturday, 8th December, 2018

Reference text: Luke 1:26-38

Luke 1:36 Now indeed, Elizabeth your relative has also conceived a son in her old age; and this is now the sixth month for her who was called barren.

Since the beginning of time, man was given authority over everything God created, such that whatever he chose to call any living thing, became officially recognised as its name (Gen 2:19). Through time, this power has been extended to inanimate things also hence, every situation and every invention has a name.

Elizabeth was thus called ‘barren’ – a name used to describe the situation of one unable to conceive. This was a name she had to live being called because it was ‘official’. To even take this a step further, it was not false. She was old, and yet had not conceived so that description, was applicable. Nonetheless, who gave that name? Man did, a creature did.

Thus, when we journey through scripture, some of the names that people were given because of the circumstances surrounding their birth,
had to be changed, sometimes by another man, or by God himself. Benoni was changed to Benjamin by his father Jacob: from a symbol of pain to one of strength. And Jacob himself, was renamed Israel. Such renaming is important because any name, can become an identity that takes root and influence our lives.

Beloved, the names others use to describe the difficult situations we face, does not mean God approves. He knows man describes barrenness, yet he says ‘the barren woman will keep house and become the joyful mother of children (Psalm 113:9)’. People will always have their opinions, but it is the word of the Lord that is established.

So whatever your situation, you may have been referred to as: ‘weak, unwanted, barren a source of pain and even a disappointment. But sweetheart, if wasn’t named by God, then you have no reason to accept it because He sees you as a source of strength, His beloved, his delight and one capable of bearing fruit.

Remember # the creation (man) can name, but God is able to RENAME.


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