Wednesday: 21st November, 2018

Reference text: Luke 19:11-28

Luke 11:13 So he called ten of his servants and gave them ten minas. ‘Put this money to work,’ he said, ‘until I come back.’

In order to eliminate even the slightest possibility of misinterpretation, it is crucial that one is clear about the instructions they give. To do so, there has to be a concise list of expectations and a process that needs to be followed to achieve a specific outcome. Hence, undergraduate assignments are given with a marking rubric that outlines the exact expectations from the student to earn a specific grade.

If ‘being exact’ was what was needed, then the noble man in the Gospel did everything else but that. He handed over a pound each to his ten servants with the instruction: ‘Operate with this until I return’ and trust me, that was really non-specific information. There was no description of the kind of ‘operation’ to do, or the amount of profit he expected upon his return. In addition, even the date of his return was not mentioned.

We can choose to see this in two ways:

  • that this was done so the servants would swim in a pool of uncertainty and confusion until their master returned, or
  • that their master trusted them enough to figure something out on their own.

I see the latter as the intention behind the actions of this noble man. He went out to receive extra authority, hence, he would expect his servants to also be ready to handle the demands of his new position.

Most people are hesitant when it comes to trusting others to make their own choices for fear they will make the wrong ones. My dear, sometimes, we can decide for others or tell them exactly what to do. However, at other times, we will have no choice but to stand back and trust them to make good choices on their own. But let us not stand too far back, so we can offer guidance to them as appropriate.

Remember # others may not always make the right choices, but they ought to be trusted to get it right sometime and we can help them to do so.


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