23rd May, 2017

Text: Acts 16:22-34

Acts 16:25 And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them.

As much as Paul and Silas loved to preach the Gospel, I am certain the thought of being thrown in jail for casting out an evil spirit never crossed their minds but in the predicament they found themselves, that was exactly what had happened. The normal thing in such circumstances would be to whine and curse their luck as to how come they had to be treated unfairly but as scripture reports, they opted to be ‘abnormal ‘.

Even with their feet fastened between blocks and sitting what would be the maximum security cell, they still managed to praise and not complain.
For a number of us, our situations are no different from theirs and the natural response was to complain, which we have done but there has been no change in circumstance as our feet still remain fastened between the blocks.

My dear, complaints do not unlock chains neither do they have the potential to free us from dungeons. The one thing that caused heaven to move on behalf of these men was their praise in the midst of trial. This decision to praise “in spite of” is not something that comes naturally like a talent one is born with- it has to be a learnt behaviour and an intentional decision because it definitely qualifies as an unnatural response. To the physical man, complaints are the natural response to unfair situations but not so for the spirit-filled man who instead responds to difficulties with praise and an affirmation of His faith.

On countless occasions, we would face situations that will also demand such an unnatural response from us. Let us therefore be ever ready to repay hate with love, vengeance with compassion and instead of complaints, let us PRAISE.

Remember # No matter what you go through, don’t lose your praise.



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