Thursday: 11th October, 2018

Reference text: Luke 11:5-13

Luke 11:5 And he said unto them, Which of you shall have a friend, and shall go unto him at midnight, and say unto him, Friend, lend me three loaves;

Unless one has opened their door to an unwanted house guest, there is always an innate desire to want to make sure that any visitor feels comfortable. Many people therefore do well to put their best leg forward: cooking dishes they themselves don’t often enjoy and creating an atmosphere that seeks to mask any lack or need. If for nothing, because there are some in whose company they would want to keep their ‘pride’ intact. This is where ‘a friend’ comes in handy.

The image of persistence is often the most highlighted feature in today’s Gospel text, but during my reading this morning, something else crossed my mind: ‘the whole concept of going to knock at midnight mentioned, is primarily dependent on having a friend to go to’. Because if there were no friends in the picture, considering events of our time, going to knock on a strangers door in the middle of the night could spell doom for anyone.

The question today is this: do you have a friend? At your midnight, in your darkest hour when there is no one else to turn to and shame so beckons, is there a door on which you can knock expecting an answer? Like the man in the text, you may be that friend whom others can call on in the middle of their long journeys, but do you have any friend yourself?

Maybe you have not given much thought to this question, but now seems like a good time to give it do so. You should not struggle to come up with a name because in case you did not consider, you have a friend in Jesus; on whose door you are invited to boldly knock at your own convenience.

Remember # you always have a friend in Jesus.


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