Sunday: 7th October, 2018

Reference text: Genesis 2:18-24

Genesis 2:18 And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him.

There are different versions of scripture and though personally, I am not fixated on any particular one, many Christians usually have their preferred option; often decided based on a number of factors. In this light, it isn’t unusual to see the same verses expressed using a different order of words or descriptives, across multiple versions of scripture. Thus, though conceptual homogeneity is maintained, specific word contents differ.

Regardless, the text from Genesis today, presents one of the rare instances of scriptural homogeneity in concept and content: where a specific order of words is seen across nearly all versions. And the words are: ‘it is not good’. All through the scriptures, whenever God was unhappy about an issue, He spoke against and did something about it. However, only in this instance are these words spoken by him ‘it is not good’.

What is not good? That man should be alone. [NB: ‘alone’ excludes moments when one takes a step back in reflection or retreat] And because this text is written in the present tense, it comes alive every single moment it is read and reflects what the heart of God really is towards us. Bear in mind: God did not eliminate the possibility that one could be alone, He only raises the awareness that it isn’t good for that to be a permanent state of being.

Sweetheart, God created us for fellowship and for relationship, not only with Him; but with others. Therefore, wanting to connect with others is neither a sign of weakness nor sickness. Humans are created not to be alone, because isolation can be the greatest threat to any person. So, my dear, don’t be shy to extend your hand and to reach out- whether it is to seek for help or to offer it.

Remember # it is not good for anyone to be alone.


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