Friday: 17th August, 2018

Reference text: Isaiah 2:2-5

Isaiah 2:4 He will settle disputes among great nations. They will hammer their swords into plows and their spears into pruning knives. Nations will never again go to war, never prepare for battle again.

In a time of war, parties often agree a temporary cease-fire to allow for the collection of bodies, negotiations on permanently stopping their fighting or to receive international aid. Many permanent cease-fires are however confirmed with the giving up of all weapons. While some are destroyed, others may be kept for use another time, thus only signifying postponed fighting.

In the reference text for today, we are given a rather thorough method of ensuring that nations did not have an easy path for returning to war: the weapons used in fighting, were to be transformed into plows and pruning hooks for farming. That meant an entire transition from fighting to farming.

That is a major decision, the kind of big decisions which we make at specific times on our journey through life. We are sometimes required to make what seem like life-altering choices that have the potential to reorient the course of our entire lives. Decisions that could even cause us to wonder what we have been doing with our lives so far. But in this text, we also notice that the source of material for making the farming tools, were from the weapons used in war.

Sweetheart, there will likely be a decision we have made that we regret, somethings we wish had never happened or we had never done. We can therefore sit around wallowing in the pool of regret and remain stuck in a rut, or we can see that as another starting point and a place with knowledge on how not to repeat the same events in future. My dear, our past may not always have been pleasant, but lessons for the future can certainly be drawn from the past.

Remember # the weapons of war can become the tools for harvest.


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