Monday: 13th August, 2018

Reference text: Psalm 148

Psalms 148:6 He hath also stablished them for ever and ever: he hath made a decree which shall not pass.

In what many describe as the hottest summer on record in the UK, I recall seeing aerial images of parks before and during this summer, with sharp contrast and distinct differences between the lush green in spring and the lifeless pale yellow that appeared to have enveloped every visible blade of grass this summer. But as I cycled through the town park this morning, on the back of a weekend characterised by heavy downpours, all that came to mind was ‘the greens are already back’.

I know rain does water plants, but I had not paid attention to the fact that sometimes, the transformation takes place overnight – its impact, almost immediate. It appeared as though the paled blades of grass were only awaiting the rains to burst into life again.

Sweetheart, that may be the most realistic description of your current situation – a beauty masked by deadness because the rains have not yet poured. I cannot tell what manner of rain you await – a drizzle, showers, or even a thunderstorm. However, all I can assure you of is that the rain you need, is coming your way. Don’t be put off by the apparent absence of life, God has said it and he will remain true to his word.

Remember # when rain falls, life flourishes.


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