Thursday, 9th August , 2018

Reference text: Matthew 16:13-23

Matthew 16:15 He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am?

Among the many questions one can be asked during a job interview is: ‘how would your close friends describe you?’ A harmless question? probably… but it is one that can put you in a dilemma of wondering how best to answer it without appearing rude or arrogant? And how can one even attempt to answer it with confidence if you know nothing of what others think of you?

Often we go by the acclaim that ‘we don’t care what other people think about or say about us’, probably because we may have developed thick skin. However, this opinion seeking is not for criticism, but for knowledge on what is really going on with us. Very often, we may not like all we hear, but we are likely to find some truth – something good that we can enhance or something bad that has not being brought to our notice.

Those who gave their opinions about Jesus thought he was one of the Prophets of old, but Peter saw Him as the Christ. Therefore, if there is something that this discourse between Jesus and his disciples reveals to us, it is the fact that people can be ‘very wrong’ or ‘very right’ about us.

And sweetheart, the odds of EVERY single person being wrong about us is so infinitesimally minute that it is worth a giving a shot at finding out what others think of us. Like in statistical analysis, after eliminating outliers, one can focus on finding a common pattern or a common occurrence because that usually means one is on to something.

Remember # don’t be afraid to ask others what they think of you, because there will be something to know about yourself. But be careful who you ask.


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