Thursday: 26th July, 2018

1st reading: Jeremiah 2:1-3,7-8,12-13

Jeremiah 2:13 For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, to dig for themselves cisterns, broken and leaking cisterns, that can hold no water.

When one is actually doing a bad job but deep down in their own mind, think they are doing a good job, one of two things could be true: they are actually not aware or are just too proud to admit. Israel may have gotten ahead of themselves by thinking they were going to do a better job than God would, they might have thought that freedom from Him was the key to good living hence, their decision to abandon the natural fountain and build cisterns.

This choice could have come as a result of many reasons, but the one most likely would be doubt: a situation that could cause them to ask this one question ‘what if the fountain dries up?’ They thought they had seen a way around all this and came to the conclusion: ‘we can build our own cisterns’. But because cisterns are built to store water, that is where there is a flaw in their argument: how were they expecting to obtain the water for storage when they had ignored the fountain?

Israel probably got too excited and were of the view that ‘we got this guys’ and this description of them, appears very familiar because that is very much our attitude towards God. We are often tempted by the prospect of going off and making a name for ourselves, forgetting that a cistern is only useful if there is a source of water. And a cistern is subject to leaks.

We may agree with the fact that a fountain could dry up, but the fountain described is no ordinary one, but fountain of living that has its source from author of life: the all eternal God who remains unchanging. That should allay our doubts and cause us to trust in his word.

Remember# a cistern has no use if there is no source of water.


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