Tuesday: 24th July, 2018

Reference text:Psalm 85

Psalms 85:12 Yea, the LORD shall give that which is good; and our land shall yield her increase.

Many, if not all believers, will readily say “Yes” when asked the question ‘Is God good?’ But from where do their answers proceed? ‘God is good, all the time; and all the time, God is good’ – This was a popular play on words I used to hear a lot in my Parish back in Ghana. However, today as I thought of events surrounding the use of those words, I was tempted to have a view that those words were often used and responded to only because that was the norm.

This may sound rather strange, but the reality seems to be that many did not and still do not know nor believe that ‘God is good’. Recently, while studying on the nature of God, I found out that God and his attributes or qualities cannot be dissociated nor referred to as two distinct things. Therefore, not only can we say ‘God is merciful, but that He is mercy’ and in the context of the today’s text, ‘God is not just good, but He is goodness itself’.

However, in our lives, the very moment we come across something that seeks to endanger us in anyway, we appear to point our first finger at God and ask that question we so enjoy posing ‘God why?’ We paint a picture that suggests to the world around that God is the orchestrator of the evils we face. My dear, the Psalmist today affirms ‘Yes, the Lord shall give that which is good’ and in another place ‘because the Lord is my shepherd… , surely goodness and mercy shall follow me’. Hence, that initial inclination to adopt a stance that indicates anything but this truth, can be detrimental to our faith.

Why would we want to be with someone who has no problem putting us in danger? Why should we stick around when the God meant to be on our team is out to get us? These are the kind of strongholds that such ‘apparently’ small and insignificant matters can build in our minds. Let us therefore be mindful of how we present ourselves, especially when all does not seem to be working out in our favour because that does not change the nature of God.

Remember # ‘God is good and God is goodness‘.


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