Wednesday: 18th July, 2018

Reference text: Isaiah 10:5-7,13b-16

Isaiah 10:15 Does the axe claim more credit than the man who wields it? Does the saw magnify itself more than the one who uses it?

When I was asked to give input on which laptop I would recommend, among a host of other benchmarks, I proceeded to create a list based on the type of operating system and processor speed, RAM sizes and Hard disk space; all with the intention of getting the right tool. But as I read the text from Isaiah today, I asked myself this question: which deserves more ‘credit’, a tool or its user?

Which would we prefer: The gift or its giver? Consequently, will there even be the need for a tool if there is no user or what will the user do without the tool? In a number of the movies where a person was training to use a particular piece of equipment, there is almost always the use of the phrase ‘you must become one with your ‘tool’. Where ‘being one’ is associated with seeing it as an extension of one’s very own self.

Such is the expected intimacy in the relationship between the tool and its wielder that from the very moment anything along the resemblance of competition or outdoing comes into the picture, the plot of the story appears to change. The King of Assyria grew horns and began exalting himself above and beyond the mandate he had been given. Though the axe, he began seeing himself above his wielder.

Many of us have adopted a similar attitude: we seem to have forgotten that the tools which we possess, those natural and spiritual gifts, are not from ourselves. As earthly vessels that carry such great treasures, we ought to remember this fundamental principle: we cannot claim more credit than the giver and sustainer of these gifts in our lives. Instead, we have been given an even better role- to become partners with God, who is the giver of these gifts.

Remember # the gifts we have are not enough reason to be on cloud nine, acting high and mighty or towering over and above the heads of others, they are an opportunity to partner God to serve the body of Christ in our own way.


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