Tuesday: 10th July, 2018

Reference text: Matthew 9:32-38

Matthew 9:34 But the Pharisees said, He casteth out devils through the prince of the devils.

Have you ever met that person whose every response to the good things one does are: ‘Even I could do that’, ‘no chance that was done by you, trust me, you aren’t that good’ or even ‘surely you do not expect me to believe this is your handiwork!’ Such people are more common around us than we might like and the sole purpose of their presence is often to do the best they can to discredit any of our good efforts.

The Pharisees on this occasion had no interest in knowing the origin of the things Jesus did and opted to accord the ability to cast out demons to ‘the Prince of demons’- a conclusion drawn out of everything but the truth. As long as there was no thumbs up offered to Jesus, they had no issues making sure He received as many thumbs down as they could offer.

While many people may not be proactive in soliciting for praise or encouragement, even the most subtle of these have the ability to boost morale. Likewise, discouragement and discrediting could have polar opposite effects causing people to coil up and on occasions, even fight back to defend their worth.

My dear, regardless of where we find ourselves, there is always the possibility of finding a number of people who are most likely not ‘fans’ of ours. Those who are less likely to applaud than to discredit and more likely to push down than to pull up. These should however not prevent us from doing that which we ought to do because if our reasons for doing them were just for the applause, then many would have already abandoned ship.

Remember # though you will sometimes receive discredits, don’t let them discourage you.


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