Sunday: 1st July, 2018

Reference text: Mark 5:21-43

Mark 5:28 For she said, If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole.

Unlike me, who will always opt for vanilla as my first choice for the flavour of an ice cream, there are others who apparently have ‘an equal liking’ for all flavours available. The only option thus available to such people is to mix all the flavours to create one that suits their own unique taste buds. In simple terms: if you can’t find one that suits you, create one.

In the Gospel of today, we read about the stories of one woman and a young girl. Two distinct similarities are seen in this text: the first was the timeline- while the woman had been bleeding for twelve years, the young girl had also lived for the same number of years- twelve. The second feature which is the focus of this reflection is the atmosphere present in both settings.

With the woman, she was amongst a large crowd who pressed Jesus on every side, in scenes of total disarray; while the home of Jarius was filled with unrestrained wailing and weeping- one Jesus described as a ‘commotion’ . However, amidst all the chaos, the woman created an atmosphere that enabled her to receive her miracle regardless of the crowd. Jesus on the other hand sacked the wailing audience, leaving only his companions and the girls parents to create an atmosphere that allowed him to perform the miracle.

My dear, even though sometimes the atmosphere within which we find ourselves can become obstacles to exercising our faith, we can create our own which refuses to see the chaos around and is fixed on Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith. We therefore have two ways shown us today- exercising our faith regardless of the chaos around or pushing out the commotion to create a personal atmosphere of faith, both produced results.

Remember # Regardless of the setting, you can always create your own atmosphere for Miracles.


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