FRIDAY: 15th June, 2018

Reference text:1 Kings 19:9-19

1 Kings 19:12 And after the earthquake a fire; but the LORD was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice.

Many of us are part of this era of ‘headphones’. While some will willingly speak to you, their volumes are so elevated that you have to shout to get through to them. For others, even though no audio is being transmitted, intentionally or not, headphones are worn as a warning sign that sends the message – “back off, and don’t talk to me because as you can see, I am not interested in whatever you have to say”.

In many ways, we seem to be gradually loosing our sense of silence. Elijah’s encounter with God who was absent in the storm, earthquake and fire, the loud attention drawing events, but present in the still small voice; was giving us a hint of how our new relationship with God was going to be after Jesus’ work on the cross. After our restoration to the status of sons and daughters, there is no longer a need for God to shout out what he feels about us.

I am reminded of a book I came across a couple of years ago by Oral Roberts titled ‘The ultimate voice: God’s still small voice, the clearest and loudest voice you’ll ever hear’. As much as we like to be affirmed in public by the people who love us, the words ‘I love you’ don’t have to be shouted for its weight to be evident. The reality could even lean towards it being more impactful when not shouted.

Sweetheart, God, who is our father and husband; does not need to scream out for us to know that He is in love with us- His whispers should do the trick. But the question is will we hear him if doesn’t shout? Because it’s as though that is the only door of communication we leave open to him as if to tell him: shout or we can’t hear you.

Remember # Our relationship with God goes beyond shouting to each other, it is a relationship that involves heart and for that, the still small voice could really be the loudest.


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