Wednesday: 30th May, 2018

Reference text: Mark 10:32-45

Mark 10:32a They were on their way up to Jerusalem, with Jesus leading the way, and the disciples were astonished, while those who followed were afraid.

If one pays attention to the news, there are cases where people held in high esteem end up losing endorsements and in very extreme cases, have their contracts terminated for making unsavoury comments or by getting involved in any inappropriate actions. The corporations who have such people as their ‘faces’ and ambassadors are equally quick to denounce these actions and take a step away from them, often using the words: ‘their words and actions do not represent that of our company’, to lay emphasis.

Like these companies, even though the believer has the Apostles and the other followers of Jesus often serving as models for us to follow, some actions of theirs should not be emulated by us. As we read in today’s Gospel, the very thing written concerning them should not be traits we are eager to have as part of the characteristics we possess. At the very least, not with all the things we know.

They had Jesus walking right before them, leading the way, and yet they followed him with fear and anxiety. What a way to be behind the chief shepherd. When we have the one who knows the way ahead and leading us into greener pastures going before us, will we still allow fear to cripple us in our steps?

Beloved, knowing who our shepherd is, should cause us to act differently. Our steps have to be taken with faith because the light of the world goes before us. We cannot be anxious or afraid when ‘the way’ Himself, leads us on. My dear, we can learn from our role models, but today, we have received extra pieces of information to refuse to follow in the exact words that describe d the followers of Jesus today: fear and anxiety.

Remember # be careful when emulating the actions of your role models as not all these are worth copying.


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