Tuesday: 22nd May, 2018

Reference text: Mark 9:30-37

Mark 9:32 But they understood not that saying, and were afraid to ask him.

There are moments in our lives when even without words, we are able to perceive what others are saying to us. Their eyes, their actions and entire demeanor, speak volumes. However, as happy as we would all be to have this as a natural part of everyday living, mind-reading is not a module taught at home or in school, hence the reason why children are taught to make their requests known from a very young age.

It is possible that the disciples of Jesus may have been expecting him to read their minds and do something about what and how they were thinking. They expected ‘THEIR’ lack of understanding to be the responsibility of another with no effort on their part.

My dear, even though your face may give hints that you do not understand, there is nothing stronger than the words ‘I do not understand’, in this regard. Sadly, many of us, like the disciples; also stay in our shells and expect a magical transfer of the information in our minds to others. Such a possibility would make life really easy if it were in existence, but it’s absence makes the use of words even more important.

Beloved, I have no idea of the image of God that you have: you probably still have the image of a distant God, who is to be ‘feared’ in the literal sense of the word and certainly unapproachable. Therefore, today, I remind you of a God of love, mercy and unlimited access- a God who desires to be in a relationship with you. He may know the deepest things in your heart, yet he seeks a relationship where you can pour out your all to Him without fear. He wants you to be able to boldly say to Him ‘I Do not understand’ and expect to be taught.

Remember # change the old image of God you have.


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