Monday: 14th May, 2018

Reference text: Acts 1:15-17,20-26

Acts 1:21 Therefore, it is necessary to choose one of the men who have been with us the whole time the Lord Jesus was living among us,

When one person is to be chosen out of a large group, very often certain criteria are employed in the process to eliminate as many of the candidates as possible. We sometimes hear of criteria such as a minimum or maximum age, academic qualifications or years of experience. In the event of documentation being involved, even minor technicalities like a wrong input of information can be used as grounds for disqualification.

However, in the choosing of an Apostle to fill the shoes of Judas, the interesting fact we notice is none of the aforementioned criteria were of any importance. Instead, the only method of Elimination was ‘FAITHFULNESS’. So I dare ask: if this is the sole criterion for selection into any office or field of endeavour, will we make the mark?

This is not only in an academic or work related sense, but the totality of our relationship with God and with other people. The Apostles may have been an uneducated bunch of misfits, but under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the recognition of ‘faithfulness’ as the key feature for being adding to their number, was made very clear.

Sweetheart, fitting the ‘faithfulness criterion’ is a sign of commitment and trust because when one is faithful, they can be trusted with both little and great things. God knew Job was faithful enough to be used as standard of measure and Matthias was known to have remained with the party of Jesus the whole way. So my dear, let us also desire the level of faithfulness that Matthias possessed- the kind that caused him to stay committed on his journey with Jesus right from the start because:

# faithfulness is recognised and rewarded by God.


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