Tuesday: 1st May, 2018

Reference text: Acts 14:19-28

Acts 14:19 Some Jews came from Antioch in Pisidia and from Iconium; they won the crowds over to their side, stoned Paul and dragged him out of the town, thinking that he was dead.

Persuasion or being able to give arguments beyond refute, is an ability that has the potential to push the body of Christ forward. We could refer to it as a gift which can be very subtle or in certain moments, highly visible and vibrant.

One thing about any gift however, is the potential for abuse or misuse when located in the wrong hands. The account in Acts of the Apostles described an influx of Jews, well vexed in the Art of persuasion, such that while in the same place with Paul and Barnabas; were successful in turning the crowds over to their side. Not an easy feat, but one that was clearly possible seeing that it was done by them, in this case, at the expense of potentially new believers.

Consequently, this audience who had given ear to Paul, changed sides leading to His stoning, even unconcerned if he died as a result. My dear, all of our gifts and talents, have their place and use within the body of Christ. However, when these gifts aren’t used right and their use are not guided, in the hands of an enemy; they can be wielded as very strong weapons of opposition.

This is the call-out today – that we surrender our gifts to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. He has given them to us and knows how and where best we can use them. Let us not spiral out of control and stray out of God’s area of ‘great use’ for our gifts, lest we find ourselves veering into the wrong territory.

Remember # Under the guidance of the wrong master, even the most beautiful of gifts can cause great chaos.


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