Thursday: 26th April, 2018

Reference text: John 13:16-20

John 13:16-17 I tell you the truth: a servant is not greater than the master. Those who are sent are not greater than the one who sends them. If you know these things, and if you put them into practice, you will find happiness.

There is a messenger, a message and the source of the message. We can draw a straight line through all three but we cannot fail to acknowledge the fact that when the source of the message is taken out of the equation, what we have left is insufficient. Without the source, there can be neither a messenger nor a message. Hence, the words of Jesus when taken literally: ‘no messenger is greater than the one who sent him’.

However, the twist to this whole dynamic is the realisation of the accompanying blessing and happiness when one comes to know and walk according to this revelation. Jesus spoke about two areas in this manner: ‘if you truly come to understand the principles of service and authority, you will be really happy’. It may seem like Jesus was attaching great importance to a sort hierarchy or order because that is exactly what He does and rightly so.

My dear, knowing and respecting the authorities set in place is a non-negotiable issue seeing how it is tied in with ‘happiness’. Yet, many people fail to see this and only seek to force their way into the spot where they are ‘in charge’. To be the ones who look up to no one but rather, the ones up to whom everyone else looks. The reality however is, except in the presence of God where our titles are ‘children of God’, we do not wield the same level of authority as others.

Therefore, at whatever level of responsibility or authority we find ourselves, we will need to realise that we are accountable to others – this goes round in a loop. In effect, regardless of how high and mighty you may believe yourself to be, in the eyes of someone else, you are a messenger and there is a corresponding equilibrium shift in authority that you have to respect. When you learn to do this, you will realise what true happiness is.

Remember # you may dislike authority, but don’t disrespect it.


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