Wednesday: 18th April, 2018

Reference text: John 6:35-40

John 6:36 But as I told you, you’ve seen Me, and yet you do not believe.

The word of God presents the image of faith as ‘believing is seeing’, while the contemporary and scientific view point remains ‘seeing is believing’. Interestingly, today in the Gospel of John, Jesus appears to introduce a third category of people: ‘the seeing but not believing’. That is the diplomatic way of putting this group, but in blunt terms: they are those who see and hear, yet refuse to believe.

This group comprises those individuals whose hearts and minds are set in stone – unwilling to embrace any change regardless of the evidence that stares them straight in the face. It seems as if their admission of any evidence will be a big dent in their pride and to their ego because they are so set about their way of life that nothing can break through their resolve.

Sometimes we get to that point when we say ‘some people will only believe when they see for themselves’ ; but these as described by Jesus defy the odds. Yet, God doesn’t give up on them and keeps knocking at the doors of their hearts until He is admitted in. For others, He makes it possible for them to find their own way to him. Let us therefore not get exasperated and throw tantrums when we encounter such people in our journey through life because even the hardest of hearts can be steered in God’s hands like the waters of a river.

We are not fully exempt either. Thus, for our part, let us not assume that staunch stance of being immovable and unchanging in the face of the truth found in God’s Word because that does not make us ‘the bosses’, but rather keeps us out from knowing any better and receiving God’s best.

Remember # give permission for your heart to be moulded after the word of God.


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