Monday : 16th April, 2018

Reference text: Acts 6:8-16

Acts 6:8 And Stephen, full of faith and power, did great wonders and miracles among the people.

A few verses before today’s text, Stephen is mentioned not only as one full of faith and the Holy Spirit but also called together with six others to serve food. Thus, upon hearing about his exploits working Miracles and great signs among the people, we are made to wonder what had become of his ‘food sharing’ task.

One thing we can infer from Stephen’s life is that sometimes, we need to be in certain positions to be able to influence things in the way God desires. In other words, for everything, there will be a starting point from which God will launch us forward. Stephen may have appeared over-qualified to be sharing food based on his skill set, however, that post was the first point of direct influence he could have in the lives of God’s people and the church.

So my dear, do not see just the obvious when God calls you to task because He has a better view than you do. In your eyes and those of others, a definite title may be posted on your head, but the task at hand is one that extends beyond any titles you could have. The duty as one who served food was just a launch pad for his actual ministry.
Therefore, even though these words may seem clichĂ© and philosophical, ‘let’s not despise humble beginnings’.

This is because if you do not appreciate where you are starting from, you may never be able to reach where you need to get to. Beloved, God never calls anyone perfect and sets them in the highest of positions- even His own son had to be born a child and not arrive as a ready-made adult. So at whatever point you find yourself in the initial stages of any role, only know that it is a starting point from which to dive into deeper water and reach further.

Remember # don’t be discouraged by the starting point, it is a launch pad.


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