Tuesday, 27th March, 2018

Reference text: Isaiah 49:1-6

Isaiah 49:6 You shall do more than restore Israel to me. I will make you a Light to the nations of the world to bring my salvation to them too.”

Unless in very rare cases, people who find themselves at the top in positions of great power, have often worked their way up there after starting from the very bottom. In most cases, they start off with a small and insignificant role, which is then expanded as their potential is revealed.

In Isaiah today, for the task at hand, reference is made to a servant responsible for restoring Israel to God. What we then notice is an additional scene where God adjusts his proposition to say ‘being just a servant with this single task to perform is an under-achievement and certainly, not enough for me, so I will have you do more’. Hence, the task of becoming a light to the nations was added.

Beloved, that is how God works. He is always ready to offer us the opportunity to do more because He sees potential and is not satisfied with only ‘surviving’ and ‘settling in’. It isn’t rare to see people get hired not because of their experiences, but rather the potential seen in them: and it is worth emphasising that this room for achieving something greater, is not only associated with a limited edition of God’s creation – it is in all.

God wants us thriving and doing more hence, provision has been made to enable us leave a legacy in our generation and subsequent ones. But it is only after we come to this realisation, that we can make any conscious attempts to break out and reach up. Many no longer find it even necessary to stretch out and up to see if they can reach any HIGHER because they currently find themselves in positions which feel as though there is a cap on how far up they can reach.

So my dear, the message to you today is to remember that # ‘regardless of where you are, know that you have potential to do so much more’.


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