Monday: 12th February, 2018

Reference text: James 1:1-11

James 1:8 A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

It takes a bold man to make any assertions and claims about a large group of people, pretty much similar to saying ‘all water contains hydrogen atoms’. But, James declared without any conditions that ‘a double minded man is unstable in ALL his ways: Not some and not most, but All. This, thus presents to us the question of ‘what exactly is contained in double mindedness’?

As much as the dictionary uses the words ‘not decided or wavering in mind’, as if highlighting a present event; I see the context of double mindedness as encompassing more than just an inability to decide. Hence, the dimension I wish to look at is the inability to stick to a decision one has made. Jesus in a way, compared a double-minded man to that man who sets his hands to the plough and keeps looking backwards (Lk 9:62). Constantly checking if he is ploughing in the right direction or stopping every second just to wonder if he has chosen the right tool and time to plough.

Such a person lives with a constant loop to the past hence is unable to look forward to the future with any enthusiasm. Even in their relationship with God, they are never fully committed because they keep asking if their choice to follow is the right one and also consequently find it difficult to accept that they are truly forgiven.

My dear, double mindedness does not just affect today, it affects tomorrow too because the effort available to use for today, is spent looking at yesterday. So in effect, tomorrow seems to never arrive because every today, is another yesterday. Therefore, the past, which is supposed to be a mirror and the foundation for the present is non existent for the future to be built on thus confirming the absence of stability in all aspects as James writes. We have to be confident and focused in our walk with God because that choice, though challenging, is not a wrong one.

Remember # Being ‘double minded’ is not something to show off, but something that needs to be worked on.


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