Saturday : 10th February, 2018

Reference text: 1 Kings 12:26-32, 13:33-34

1 Kings 12:26 And Jeroboam said in his heart, Now shall the kingdom return to the house of David:

Jeroboam was one of the many servant’s of King Solomon and little did he know that he would become a king himself since he had no royal blood in him. His life changed in the twinkling of an eye for the better when he received rulership over ten of the twelve tribes of Israel, only for a series of bad decisions by him to lead to a catastrophic conclusion for his entire household.

The core of all His troubles began the very day he questioned the truth of the word of God and massive doubts entered the door. The analogy is simple: absence of the Word of God makes the appearance of something else much easier. When he began to doubt what God had told him, he put in place a series of human protocols that were aimed at sustaining him and keeping him in power. He seemed to have forgotten ‘that the most high is Lord of all the earth and puts whoever He desires in charge’.

My dear, Jeroboam started from a place of ‘God said it and I believe it’ to ‘Did God really mean what he said? That translation set him on the road to having his entire household literally ‘ wiped out’. When people begin to lose the substance: and consequently start to question the veracity of God’s word, other things find their way to creep in and pitch their tents.

Sweetheart, we will definitely find ourselves in good stead if we cling strongly to what the Lord has spoken to us. Let us therefore not allow our own insecurities to plant the seeds of doubt in our hearts as that will send us travelling on a dangerous path.

Remember # don’t doubt the veracity of God’s word.


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