Reference text :Psalm 147

Psalms 147:4 He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names.

Besides the fact that I knew Santa’s had some reindeers, nothing else really was a bother to me until I was required on an interesting mobile game I found a few weeks ago to provide the names of Santa’s reindeers. You could imagine the look of surprise and shock on my face as I thought aloud: ‘do they actually have their own names? If they did, then I have never bothered to find out. Just as you’d expected also, I lost the round to someone who new.

Where am I going with this? To me, those were unimportant details to know when compared to the say, the names of close family members. But if I did know, that would have made a difference, and guess what, there are only about nine reindeers. Yet, the Psalmist today makes a reference to God knowing the names of all the stars in His universe, and that, is a really big deal considering the number of stars there are.

Thus the extrapolation is this, if God goes as far as knowing the name of each star He has created, and calls them out by name, is there something about us that He does not pay attention to or does not know? And is there anything about us that is unimportant to God?

Sweetheart, all the minute and intricate details about you are known to the one who created you. So stop trying to cover them up thinking they are unimportant to Him because you are definitely worth far more to Him than the 100 billion estimated stars whose names are known to Him.

Remember # you are priceless to God.

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